Ensuring the attractiveness of the coburg region

Ensuring the attractiveness of the coburg region

The bulk of the election campaign takes place during the vacations – is that a blessing or a curse??
It is a misconception to think that no one is available during the vacations. The election campaign during the vacations is perfectly fine, the vast majority of voters are at home even during this time.

What do you want to achieve in munich for the region??
I will continue to follow my preserved course: the citizens can come to me with their worries and needs at any time and I will help wherever possible. As far as major projects for the region are concerned, I am particularly interested in the expansion of the judicial authorities, the maintenance of a proper police presence and the expansion or conversion of coburg university. Strengthening coburg as a location for public authorities, public safety, education and research have traditionally been core issues for me. However, experience shows that there will be no shortage of other projects during the five-year legislative period.

Where do you see the biggest challenge in the next legislative period??
Demographic change is also affecting our region, although fortunately not as severely as in some structurally weaker areas. For us, this means that we must continue to work consistently and innovatively on the attractiveness of our home region: only with good educational and recreational opportunities, a high recreational and leisure value and, of course, above all with a variety of interesting jobs, can we prepare ourselves for the challenges of the future.

What makes politics so fascinating for you personally? From?
Politics offers me the opportunity to actively participate in the development of our region. Our children and grandchildren should inherit a well-cultivated field on which they can live in prosperity and security. I'm always happy when I can help solve a problem or help shape and then experience a step in the development of my home country.

What is the best way to switch off after a long working day or week??
Politics is not an effort for me. In the meantime, it has become an integral part of my life and I feel good about it, despite all the occasional hectic activity. When I want to switch off, it works best with a good soccer game or a vivid history documentary on television. And of course on the joint trips with my wife, which in the best sense of the word regularly provide us with the necessary distance.

Which three things would you take with you to a desert island??
Of course I will miss our local kitchen, it had to be set up right away, in general I need our quality of life and the surrounding environment and I will miss it on this bad lonely island and try to remedy it.

Life and political career

Jurgen W. Heike, 64, born in neustadt bei coburg, married, three children, lawyer, member of the state parliament, secretary of state a.D., CSU member since 1972.

Political offices member of the state parliament, city councilor in neustadt b. Coburg, district chairman of the CSU coburg-land, district chairman of the senior citizens' union of upper franconia, member of the committee for constitution, law, parliamentary affairs and consumer protection (here deputy chairman), member of the parliamentary control committee, member of the judges' election commission, member of the defense policy working group.

Honorary DFB referee, member of the board of trustees of the friedrich foundation, member of the coburg university council, member of the fire department, neapolitania, gruntal society, fruit and horticultural society, soldier's association, ASB, awo, red cross, THW, scouts and many others.


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