Verdict in the murder-for-hire trial

Verdict in the murder-for-hire trial

It's like a movie: two spouses separate, a fierce dispute over custody of the children and money breaks out. The husband then decides to kill his ex-wife with the help of a contract killer, and his sister is his accomplice. The killer is supposed to be mediated by an arabic car dealer, and the meeting of all involved is supposed to take place in a fast food restaurant.

In grobenseebach, where the husband lived, things are different than in hollywood, and so in real life the car dealer alerted the police. The woman was not killed because a V-man played the contract killer mohamed, and so the whole thing came to light.

Weibenbrunn must tread short

The municipal council weibenbrunn adopted in its meeting on wednesday in the town hall unanimously the budget for 2020 with the adoption of a budget statute and approved, also with a unanimous vote, the financial plan for the years 2019 to 2023. There were much more turbulent budget meetings in the past, which is why this one can probably already be called harmonious. The municipality had to make some cuts in investments in order to receive a stabilization aid of 500000 euros (a special form of allocation to municipalities that have undergone budget consolidation) from the state for the year 2020, as in 2019.

The ministry of finance insists on strict compliance with the requirements of the stabilization notice for 2019, informed mayor egon herrmann (SPD). Only christian hofner () and klaus hannweber () followed up in the past and reiterated that their fears had been realized. The government is tightening its belt and imposing stricter conditions for compliance in order to be able to continue to obtain stabilization aid. According to hofner and hannweber, the municipality had probably overshot the mark beforehand, which is why it had to operate with an unapproved budget in 2018. This year's budget was in line with reality and both hofner and hannweber had nothing to say about the 2020 budget.

Father of isolated family reports “emigration”

Father of isolated family reports

He had himself removed from the dutch residents' registration list in 2009, a spokesman for the public prosecutor's office said in groningen on saturday, confirming media reports to that effect. The man had stated to the authorities that he had emigrated.

During the further search of the farm on saturday, a "money dog" was used, which can find hidden banknotes. "But no further money was found," said spokesman bart olmer. Previously, a "substantial amount" had been found.

Sharp gets less fresh money than hoped for

Sharp gets less fresh money than hoped for

The placement of new shares raised around 119.1 billion yen instead of the targeted 149 billion yen (905 million instead of 1.13 billion euros), the company announced on tuesday. The reason for this is the fall in the stock market price.

In addition to the placement of new shares, the entry of the japanese companies denso, lixil and makita will add another 17.5 billion yen to sharp’s coffers. Sharp had announced the plan in mid september. At that time, the share price was 376 yen, but on tuesday it closed at 291 yen. The new shares are only offered at 279 yen.

Extraenergie gmbh – extra cheap, extra safe, extra green what exactly is extraenergie??

The extraenergie gmbh group with its philosophy of success: "extra cheap, extra safe, extra green" also offers various extragas – climate – tariffs, which offer us, as end consumers, the opportunity to support various climate protection projects in a favorable way. These are mainly projects to reduce methane gas emissions into the atmosphere. It is precisely the commitment to supporting such projects that shows that this is not just about selling eco-electricity, but also about thinking and acting in an eco-friendly way. By supporting the projects, they also help to positively influence climate change.
Furthermore, extraenergie is also focusing on intensifying competition between the energy companies. Here, company structures are optimized, money is saved, and then gladly passed on to the customer. The price-performance ratio is still roughly written here. That is why the euro magazine, check 24 and currently the focus money in issue 13 / 2013 have awarded extraenergie gmbh as the most favorable electricity supplier, as well as okostromanbieter. Thus, extraenergie gmbh gives the consumer a good feeling to help the environment and to be able to contribute to it. Due to the price-performance ratio, the customer also feels well advised and safe.

How do the tariffs look extraenergie gmbh?
First of all, the entrepreneur distinguishes between commercial customers and private customers. To do this, you can use the price calculator under the link provided on the homepage to calculate your exact costs. Under the tab business or. Private customers can also find the price calculator, which can calculate the exact price for them. This is very easy to use and is also explained step by step on the website. You only have to click on whether you are a commercial customer or a private customer and enter either the number of persons or the annual consumption in kwh in the box below. By clicking on the button "calculate now you have taken the last step.

Survey: majority also want to pay for good online information

Looking back over the past five years, respondents said that the quality of information on the internet had risen significantly during that time. The market research company TNS infratest published the data on tuesday in bielefeld.

Among specially surveyed online users, 63 percent are willing to pay for quality content – "whether it’s printed or digital.

Nrw finance minister opposes civil service pension at 63

nrw finance minister opposes civil service pension at 63

North rhine-westphalia’s finance minister norbert walter-borjans (SPD) opposes transferring the planned pension at 63 to civil servants’ pensions after 45 years of service. "In view of the special features of civil service law, this is not objectively necessary," the SPD politician told the "kolner stadt-anzeiger". For civil servants, there are completely different pension regulations and entitlements than for the rest of the workforce, for example with regard to health insurance.

The black-red coalition agreement stipulates that those who have been insured for many years and have 45 years of contributions will be entitled to a pension when they reach the age of 63. Pensioners can retire without deductions at the age of 63. The german civil servants’ association is now calling for corresponding improvements for civil servants as well. Baden-wurttemberg’s minister president winfried kretschmann (grune) immediately rejected the request.

Investment backlog of 100 million euros

The county has an investment backlog of 100 million euros. This was explained by district administrator klaus loffler on monday in the district council when he presented the key data of the budget. "We have to be careful and separate what is desirable from what is necessary."

15.7 million euros the county wants to invest this year. 11.2 million euros are expected in subsidies. The planned borrowing is 1.18 million euros. The debt level amounts to nine million euros.

Deutsche bank restructures: ritchie leaves, sewing takes over

Deutsche bank restructures: ritchie leaves, sewing takes over

Deutsche bank restructures the management of its investment bank, which has been flagging recently. Group CEO christian sewing will take over responsibility for the corporate and investment bank on the executive board.

This was announced by the dax group in the midst of deliberations on a fundamental restructuring of the institution on friday in frankfurt.