Musikverein kasendorf invites you to the autumn concert

Musikverein kasendorf invites you to the autumn concert

As far as tradition. The evening's musical offerings are, of course, not conventional. The youth wind orchestra gives a foretaste of the style that will dominate the concert: symphonic wind music. It appeals not only to fans of traditional brass music who expect polka and marches. It opens up a whole new sound experience to a young and young-at-heart audience that would otherwise not have been able to be persuaded to attend a brass band concert.

And so the lineup of the kasendorf symphonic wind orchestra, which includes more than 60 musicians from all generations playing a wide variety of instruments, goes far beyond that of a brass band. More than 40 instruments are used in the percussion section alone: kettledrums, congas, bongos, marimbas and tubular bells underpin and carry the brass sounds. And electric guitar and bass provide the right rock sound.

With house music against the collapse: “music is system-relevant”

With house music against the collapse: 'music is system-relevant'

For many years, judith bodendorfer’s harp led an orphaned existence: unnoticed, unplayed, it gathered dust in the storage room. That’s over now – thanks to the corona crisis.

"Now i play every day again," says the munich woman. "Every now and then just ten minutes. But that’s enough to make progress."The rediscovered love for their instrument is for them more than just the occupation with notes and rhythms. It is also a break, a time-out from the corona cosmos. The 33-year-old is not the only one, as music teachers and experts are also discovering these days.

Togetherness is the most important thing when celebrating in wildenheid

Even in the year of the 700th anniversary of their town, the people of wildenheide celebrated their burger festival on the anger on the weekend. Whether you knew each other or not, every visitor was welcome at the burgerfest.
"This burgerfest has only conditionally something to do with our jubilaum. We do this every year. We are not the only ones, since there is a real inflation of 700-year celebrations here, also in the neighboring towns", said peter soyer, treasurer of the wildenheider burgerverein (BV), happily.

Since the small state garden show in 1999, the people of wildenheide have had the anger lease with the city of neustadt, which runs until 2020 for the time being. "Since then our five associations maintain these facilities in the care, electricity, water, insurance, what just everything dazugehort. And we also like to do that very much and that also works here with us", assured soyer.

Russian pianist gives guest performance in munnerstadt

Russian pianist gives guest performance in munnerstadt

The pianist eva smirnova from petersburg has published a concert entitled "lust auf impressionen" some of the most beautiful works of french and russian piano music for her concert, which took place around 19. 30 o’clock begins, composed. She pays tribute to the composers debussy, ravel, rachmaninov and skrjabin, who were all active in this or that period. Celebrating anniversaries next year, her reference.

In the first part of the concert, debussy’s "clair de lune" is heard first. Wonderful preludes follow, such as "la puerta del vino", "minstrels" and "feux d’artifice", in which debussy describes in a highly virtuosic manner a fireworks display on the french national holiday. After that, eva smirnova brings some of maurice ravel’s works to be heard. In the based "ondine" ravel gives shape to the myth of the mermaid who falls unhappily in love with a human being, while in the "jeux d`eau" he is the first to perform the "mermaid" the magic of water games and the famous "alborado del gracioso capturing the local spanish color. The second part of the concert will be opened by rachmaninov’s "elegy". Among them are the famous prelude in B flat major and the lively prelude in G minor. The concert will conclude with six etudes by alexander scriabin, one of the most fascinating artistic personalities of the early 20th century. Century pays.

No third kindergarten group in mainstockheim

Two additional groups to be added to kindergarten in mainstockheim. This is what the municipal councils decided at their meeting on thursday evening. For an additional third group, which could be connected next to the two rooms currently under construction, there is currently no need in the opinion of the municipal council and therefore no prospect of subsidies. Even though some council members had problems with the decision in view of the new building area – the decision was unambiguous with only two votes against.

To buchbrunn to evade

If nevertheless at short notice more children than estimated demand a place, can be changed to buchbrunn, so the majority. The building plots on the wunn have hardly been sold when there are already requests for exemptions from the provisions of the development plan: one applicant plans to build a garage above the storefront window and would like to have access to it via a different street. If the neighbor agrees, there was no objection from the council, with one vote against.

Murderous finale in rome

Murderous finale in rome

Bad kissingen was finally allowed to be a small fixed point on her world map for the violinist natasha korsakova (47), who was born in moscow and performs internationally on the most important stages. For the third time, she made a guest appearance in the spa town on friday, this time not as a violinist, but as a writer, at the invitation of the bookstore "seitenweise". The bookshop" (ludwigstrabe) in the neighboring soleb’ich-cafe her second crime novel "romisches finale", which was published the year before to present.

The first time korsakova was already in december 2006 for a guest performance in the frame of the "kissinger winterzauber" she came to bad kissingen. At that time, the artist was still living in germany, but she was already giving guest performances all over the world. The award-winning musician has been living in switzerland for years, where she discovered writing a few years ago. Her novel debut "deadly sonata" she presented her work during a second visit to kissingen in november 2018.

The program for the 50th anniversary. Cherry festival in july in pretzfeld is set

This year will be held at the pretzfelder keller from 13. Until 17. July the 50. Cherry festival celebrated. Preparations for the event are in full swing. The patron of this special festival is bavarian interior minister joachim herrmann (CSU).
"On friday there will be a beer tapping", explains the second mayor walther metzner (WPA). For sunday, 10 o’clock, a church service is planned, followed by a morning pint and lunch.
In the afternoon, visitors will line up for the parade, which is scheduled to begin at 2 p.M. Four to five chapels should accompany it. "About 50 groups have registered", tells metzner. A historical fire department will also be present.
"Preparations for the 50th anniversary. Cherry festival run according to plan and satisfactorily. Due to the good cooperation with our partners, the market town of pretzfeld, we are fully on schedule", also says festival and cellar host jonathan wunderlich.
Is such an anniversary a challenge for a young host?? Wunderlich says: "of course, you always learn something new. I have now had two years of living in the city, during which I have learned a lot." But the challenge is actually to make sure that nothing is forgotten. "And – if possible – to please everyone. Which, of course, almost never succeeds. But such preparations are always demanding", says the young host. He is in positive tension and is looking forward to the many people. Because "here you can show what you’ve got, especially when it comes to providing food and drink for the guests".
This year, kellerwirt jonathan wunderlich has again planned a program for young and old: "with our showmen storzer, our family afternoon on tuesday as well as our traditional fruhschoppen on monday." Wunderlich told that he could again win very good music groups for the kirschenfest. It will be "the leutenbacher, "the gerchli", "aeroplane" and the pretzfelder musikverein play. It is important to the host that such traditional festivities do not die out in today’s world, but that they are adapted a little to modern times. Now he’s hoping for beautiful summer weather without rain and storms that want to carry the tent away: "and my team and i are looking forward to a peaceful and great 50. Cherry festival with many guests."