Togetherness is the most important thing when celebrating in wildenheid

Even in the year of the 700th anniversary of their town, the people of wildenheide celebrated their burger festival on the anger on the weekend. Whether you knew each other or not, every visitor was welcome at the burgerfest.
"This burgerfest has only conditionally something to do with our jubilaum. We do this every year. We are not the only ones, since there is a real inflation of 700-year celebrations here, also in the neighboring towns", said peter soyer, treasurer of the wildenheider burgerverein (BV), happily.

Since the small state garden show in 1999, the people of wildenheide have had the anger lease with the city of neustadt, which runs until 2020 for the time being. "Since then our five associations maintain these facilities in the care, electricity, water, insurance, what just everything dazugehort. And we also like to do that very much and that also works here with us", assured soyer.

Members of all five clubs lent a helping hand

The burgerfest was organized by all five clubs (BV, fire department, aquarium club, fruit and horticulture club, flugelzuchtverein). And it was, as every year, homey and very cozy: "the old people, mainly the ladies, like to come to the coffee circle. Then the beer drinkers come, and then we celebrate a bit until it gets dark", he paid soyer. Rustic festive delicacies, accompanied by cheerful music from the "canned food" – there was no need for an exciting entertainment program for the cosy get-together. "People want to talk to each other, that's the whole point, to meet in a friendly atmosphere and have time for each other", said peter soyer.

The beautifully maintained anger meadow offered the best playground for the little festival visitors. Instead of a bouncy castle, this year there was an inflatable slide with a landing in the mini water pool. The cheering at this pleasure was not to be overheard.

More visitors for the anniversary than in previous years

Wildenheid's jubilee event was undoubtedly the festive weekend in the frankenhalle at the end of april. The hike on may 1. May was this year twice as well attended as in previous years, as was the solstice bonfire with all the associations. "There you have spurt how excellent the cohesion is. What excited me was that people were also waiting for it and that they were happy to go there. One could often do something like this", soyer promised to be adventurous. And because each association also organizes its own festival, there is always something going on from may to september.

On the weekend of the church fair, traditionally the third weekend in october, the next highlight in the 700th anniversary celebrations will take place. The anniversary of the village will follow. "Our BV would like to invite and entertain all wildenheide seniors on saturdays for coffee and cake at the waldfrieden lake. Holger birke and i will then make real music", announced peter soyer.


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