A new old fountain for iphofen

The newly discovered fountain on ludwigsbrucke continues to occupy iphof’s city councillors. Once again the meeting on monday was about how the fountain should be developed.
During the construction work for the bridge renovation, workers had stumbled onto an old well shaft. After the city council decided that the shaft should not simply be filled in again, the city commissioned the responsible architectural office to develop well variants.

Covering the fountain on ludwigsbrucke with special glass cost 38,000 euros. The city council shuddered as they hoarded the. The glass costs so much because it must be able to withstand the impact of a truck and because a structural engineer must make calculations before installation. The building committee didn’t like the variant with a grate to protect the glass plate very much either. It cost 26,000 euros. The cost of a historical fountain with trough and swivel is estimated at 1000 euros less.
A lively discussion ensued. Ludwig weigand (G) warned against closing the access road to the residents. "Please come to an agreement so quickly that the construction site can be cleared again in the spring", asked mayor josef mend (G) after a while. So the committee decided on the variant with the historic fountain. Otto kolesch voted against it. His reasoning: "i’m pretty sure that after a short time there were geranium boxes hanging from it and a sign saying: no drinking water." He did not want something like that.


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