Endgames for kovac – title as job guarantee atfcbayern?

Endgames for kovac - title as job guarantee atfcbayern?

Champion, cup winner – and gone? This strange scenario no longer seems out of the question for niko kovac ahead of two FC bayern finals.

The 47-year-old has no job guarantee from munich bosses ahead of saturday’s cup final against eintracht frankfurt and the DFB cup seven days later in berlin against RB leipzig, despite a contract that runs until 2021. Encouragement came from president uli hoeneb. CEO karl-heinz rummenigge and sports director hasan salihamidzic leave room for speculation in their statements.

Bark beetle rages in the forests of french switzerland – appeal to forest owners

Centennial summer and rough drought have forest owners looking anxiously at their forest stands again, primarily spruce trees. Bark beetle density has been rising steadily since 2015, as forestry director michael kreppel of the AELF bamberg explains. During a site visit in the spruce forest near oberehrenbach he pointed out the problem. Kreppel buried in the round forstamtsrat matthias jessen representing the neunkirchen forest district, matthias kraft from the forest farmers association, forstamtsanwarter christoph bauer and forstreferendar matthias strack. Otto salb first pointed out two places in his forest where the infestation by the bark beetle on apparently coarse, intact spruce trees was clearly visible on closer inspection.

Warning threshold for borkenkafer exceeded

In the so-called "monitor traps, as in oesdorf, the warning threshold of over 1000 kafer per week has already been exceeded several times this year, but infested spruce trees have hardly been found so far. "This has changed, at the moment there are some kaferfichten to be found", says forestry officer jessen. He only controls the communal forests where he is in charge of the management. With about 5000 hectares of forest in the district, it would be impossible for him to inspect all spruce forests every four weeks, as required by law.

Crowds at the mulled wine stands – hardly any crowds in the shops

Marion kruger-hundrup michael kresser had had enough shortly after 8 p.M. The flower dealer at the green market packed advent wreaths and fir branches onto the trolley. "I did my main business by day," she says, he said. Experience has shown that it is not worthwhile for him to keep his stall open for much longer. But of course "I am for the long shopping night, the people want to be entertained", kresser added laconically.

"The people, the crowd that pushed its way through the fubganger zone in the late hours of saturday evening was overwhelmingly young. Then an old gentleman, who was carefully pacing his dachshund on a leash, caught the eye directly. And also the elderly woman, who rummaged in the waste garbage can at the fruit market for deposit bottles and beverage cans. Her plastic bag was already full to bursting.