Two apartment buildings in india collapse

At least seven people were killed when two apartment buildings collapsed in western india early wednesday morning. 14 residents were recovered alive, about twenty people could still be buried under the rubble in the city of vadodara in the state of gujarat, official vinod rao told the news channel NDTV.

The first of the two adjacent, multi-storey buildings was opened at about 4:00 p.M.30 o’clock collapsed, rao said further. The inhabitants of the second house were able to save themselves before it also collapsed 20 minutes later. The buildings are part of a huge house complex. According to media reports, the other buildings also show gross water damage and cracks.

In sudasia, fatal house collapses are a recurring occurrence, especially after heavy rains in the monsoon season. Only in june, two large apartment buildings had collapsed around the metropolis of mumbai, burying several people under them. 1127 people died in the collapse of a building complex in bangladesh in april, most of them women working in textile factories.


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