Laptops, word and skype: mr. Wendling wants to know it all

Laptops, word and skype: mr. wendling wants to know it all

Most of them have their glasses pushed far forward and cast their gaze into the rectangular box in front of them. These looks are quite different – from curious to concentrated to uncomprehending. Only a few people can follow the explanations of speaker ingrid hoffrichter right away. But that does not matter. "If we can't do something right away, we'll do it again, says gerhard wendling, a participant.

He never really wanted to buy a laptop computer. But then he was supposed to become treasurer for a club with 300 members. "The forerunner still did everything by hand, but that's actually too convenient with the coarse", says wendling. So a computer was needed.

His grandson, says wendling, is 13 years old and knows a lot more about computers than he does. Of course, he grew up with laptops, smartphones and tablet pcs. ",grandpa', he always says, 'it's very simple!'" but wendling is not interested in all that: "i just wanted to know the basics." The course at the awo multigenerational house in bad rodach helps him – as does his son-in-law. Who studied aerospace engineering. An expert.

Today, students are learning some of the functions of the "word" writing program. Speaker ingrid hoffrichter is patient with her students and explains everything step by step, in a way that everyone can understand. If someone can't keep up, the person next to them helps – or ingrid hoffrichter comes to the seat and looks over her shoulder. She has a lot of knowledge about computers – even though she just turned 70 years old.

Where does the enthusiasm for technology come from?? "I have worked for over 40 years in the office. I have been involved in the introduction of computers from the very beginning. I've sort of grown into it", says hoffrichter. Her interest hasn't waned since then, especially because of digital photography. "It's just a lot of fun, and that's what I try to convey to the participants." Whether a younger person could convey the material better? "I do not think. Young people simply lack the patience."

Technical hurdle race
The fact that sometimes everything doesn't work right away is often not due to the participants, but to technical hurdles. One participant's computer battery dies and he doesn't have a charging cable with him. Another participant has a different program version and therefore does not immediately find the explained buttons and input masks. But there is always someone on hand to help. "We are simply a great team. I especially appreciate the camaraderie atmosphere in the course", says wendling. Here you can learn without pressure.

Different interests
The motivation of the participants is very different. Hannelore stauch, for example, wanted to lose her shyness about technology on the one hand, and on the other hand use the PC as a mind trainer. Roswitha beierweck finally wanted to know what almost everyone is talking about: "time and again, people refer to the internet on television or the radio. I just didn't want to stand back any longer", she says. These media became more and more important, you couldn't lose the connection.

For gerhard wendlig, the choice of cashier was the decisive impetus to get involved with a computer. He's also discovered a few games that give him particular pleasure. Google earth, for example. There he could walk from home in monte carlo. Or in moscow, on red square. He was particularly fond of a program for internet telephony: skype. "So i can not only talk to my grandchildren in koblenz via webcam, i can also see them."


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