“Treating all three localities equally”

In 2014, the decision of the voters was very close: egon kloffel, the CSU candidate, won the election with 51.6 percent against his deputy at the time, alfons gundelach, of the wahlergemeinschaft rothhausen. In march 2020, the incumbent community leader will have to defend himself as the candidate of the burgerblock theinfeld against his deputy judith dekant (wahlergemeinschaft rothhausen) and his former opponent in the 2014 nomination, edwin braun (wahlergemeinschaft thundorf).

56-year-old says he's not scared at all. An election is always more exciting when there are several candidates. "I will be surprised." But for kloffel it is clear that there will be a snap election at the end of march.

Kloffel was twelve years 2. And six years 3. Mayor in thundorf before he was elected head of the municipality in 2014. "So I knew exactly what was coming six years ago." Since 2002 he has also been a member of the district council. The fact that he had already been active in local politics for so long paved the way for him in 2014. "You have a network, you know who to contact in the authorities, and you know what to do in many cases from the outset."

Which, on the other hand, does not mean that the concerns of all citizens are always met. Some people, for example, are fooled with a notice, says kloffel. "But above all, I have to follow my motto as mayor." So he often searches, together with his council committee, for a middle way, if the issue allows it.

What has always been important to him: "you have to make sure that all three parts of the town are treated equally." For example, all three fire department buildings in rothhausen, theinfeld and thundorf have been renovated in the meantime, and each fire department has received a new or used vehicle. Only in theinfeld it will be delivered first.

The self-employed master carpenter and mortician has his work cut out for him, of course. He has, of course, somewhat reduced his commitment as a hobby brewer when he handed over the chairmanship of the thundorf home brewers and the leading position in the french home brewers' association to younger people in 2016. His daily routine is naturally quite "structured. He starts every day at 7 a.M. In the building yard, because there is no yard manager in thundorf. During the day, however, he can always be reached by phone for important matters, and he doesn't miss the opportunity to visit current construction sites himself. Precisely because he is professionally independent, he is also able to combine his job and office well.

Still enjoying the office

Kloffel was not nominated this time by the burghers of his home town of thundorf. He has overcome the first disappointment about it. He still gets a lot of enjoyment out of his work as mayor. "I simply have a lot of heart and soul for this office." He does not take the nomination vote in thundorf personally, when edwin braun became the top candidate of the electoral community. "I would have been in the wrong place at city hall." As an example, he cites his behavior toward the people of rothhausen. "They did not vote for me in 2014. Nevertheless, I have also done a lot of work there in the past few years."

Three questions for egon kloffel

What have you achieved in the past six years in the municipality, and what are you perhaps a little proud of??

Egon kloffel: first of all, the fact that we were able to reduce the per capita debt in the municipality of thundorf from 350 euros to 30 euros. I am also satisfied with the reconstruction and expansion of the municipal building yard. Since the municipality benefited from the so-called farm bonus in 2017 as part of a broadband initiative by the state of bavaria and received a claim of around 220000 euros, we were also able to connect farms and a muhle as well as the commercial area of rothhausen to the fiber optic network. In addition, we have already equipped individual trenches in rothhausen and thundorf with empty pipes.

Which project will be your first concern in the new term of office??

In september 2019, the state of bavaria expanded its requirements guidelines: now, rural municipalities will also receive funding for the development of town halls with fiber optics. In our case, the building yard and the adjacent building will also be equipped at the same time. It is also important that the town hall is finally expanded on the inside so that it makes a better impression at weddings. And of course there are trenches from the 1970s in the community that absolutely have to be renovated. But we'll have to wait and see where the compensation for the abolished trench expansion contributions will come from.

What must distinguish a mayor in any case??

He needs a broad cross and must be able to take criticism. And he must treat all parts of the town equally. He should also have studied politics intensively before taking office, because only those who know the past can shape the future.

About the person

The native of thundorf is a master carpenter by profession. Since 1988 he has been self-employed and in 1994 built up a new business in the thundorf industrial area. For 30 years he has also been a mortician, taking over this activity in 1990 from the carpenter's workshop wiener (rothhausen), where he did his own apprenticeship at that time. But he also learned how to make a good beer brew. For 30 years he was sudfuhrer of the hausbrauer thundorf and was involved in the french hausbrauer association (until 2016). That's why one of his hobbies is brewing of course. He is also interested in the local culture and customs.


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