For 25 years, the old have kept young with ball and education

On tuesday evening, the gymnastics group of the TSV kehlbachgrund cancelled its gymnastics class because it was celebrating its 25th anniversary. Instead of exercising with hoops, clubs, ropes, terra bands, balls or on the mat, the group first had dinner together and then a cosy get-together was on the agenda.
At that time the former groundsman of the TSV kehlbachgrund, hans zillig, had presented his idea of founding a gymnastics department for seniors to the former chairman theo voll. This should contribute to the fact that the no longer active fubball players can continue to be active in sports. The first to join hans zillig were former chairman andreas giehl, former second chairman emil gunzelmann and josef zenk, who is still active in the group today. Doris breitenbach initially took over as gymnastics trainer for the exercise classes. For 20 years now, rita seelmann has been in charge of the senior citizens’ department and keeps them on their toes with stretching and joint exercises. If necessary, she is supported by doris schober and josef storath. Rita seelmann organizes the weekly exercise sessions in a varied way by taking part in seminars for exercise instructors and with the support of the TSV’s gymnastics teams.

First stretching, then cards

The high participation of 80 to 90 percent of the active gymnasts proves the popularity of the training sessions. At present, 13 men aged 53 to 83 from kleukheim, prachting, schweisdorf and oberkups are taking up the offer of the sports club. But socializing is not neglected either. "After the training evenings, there is a card game and a chat at the sportheim bierkopf. In the summer, the training sessions take place on the sports field, or a bike ride is undertaken – to surrounding beer gardens. That keeps the camaraderie going", tells 83-year-old josef zenk.
At christmas time is always held an atmospheric celebration. Every year the group goes on a city trip by train. "Those were always nice and enjoyable days that we spent together, and through the respective city tours we were also able to expand our horizons", reports hans gaar. Anecdotes from various excursions were also heard at the tables. The chairman of the TSV, dominik zenk, congratulated during the celebration of 25 years of existence. He praised not only the physical, but also the mental training. Since the average age of the active members is high, new recruits are welcome, explains rita seelmann, the gymnastics director, when asked. "Practice evenings always take place on tuesdays in the sportheim." Start is during the summer time at 19.30 and at wintertime at 7 p.M.
"During the eleven years i have been a member, there has never been a fight or a bad word between us", hans gaar states. "So nothing stands in the way of a taster evening. Space is still available. Nothing is needed but sneakers and a sleeping mat", explained doris schober.


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