Verdict in the murder-for-hire trial

Verdict in the murder-for-hire trial

It's like a movie: two spouses separate, a fierce dispute over custody of the children and money breaks out. The husband then decides to kill his ex-wife with the help of a contract killer, and his sister is his accomplice. The killer is supposed to be mediated by an arabic car dealer, and the meeting of all involved is supposed to take place in a fast food restaurant.

In grobenseebach, where the husband lived, things are different than in hollywood, and so in real life the car dealer alerted the police. The woman was not killed because a V-man played the contract killer mohamed, and so the whole thing came to light.

Now the siblings are on trial, and before the last day of the trial, the two embrace each other and speak well to each other. You seem to know that this is no longer child's play, but bitter seriousness. The charge brought by the prosecution is conspiracy to commit murder and attempted incitement to murder.

Greed and greed
"It's a very special case, we don't have many like it.", says the prosecutor. There was no evidence of the agreement to murder, since nothing was recorded, but it is also not speculation to claim that the sister knew of the plans of her brother. She did not go to the meeting with him without knowing it, in order to discuss the more detailed aspects of the crime, was the argumentation of the prosecution. It must have been in one's own interest to get the woman out of the way, the sister herself had admitted that the situation with the marital war was putting a strain on the whole family.

The accused is said to have been the main mastermind of the whole affair, since he had made the contacts, and therefore also the main perpetrator, while the sister is only accused as an accomplice. Furthermore, the husband was accused of being treacherous and greedy. When the prosecutor read out his accusation, the offender's sister put her face in her hand, hiding it from the audience.

The defense attorney of the husband begins his plea with the words "thoughts are free" and says that many people probably have homicidal thoughts at one time or another, but never act on them. It was an act of the lowest kind, but the murder characteristics did not apply to his client, because the dispute was exclusively about the children. The financial problems had been settled long before, to speak of a divorce war is not correct. There was no treachery or greed involved. "If one does not have any information about the course of events, then one must not speculate."

In addition, the defense lawyer refers to the fact that his client did not pay enough money to the contract killer, even if it was a real one, nor did he provide targeted information about his ex-wife. A name, a picture on his smartphone, the facebook page of his ex-wife and that she works at siemens in erlangen, that was not enough to really plan an act precisely. He therefore demands acquittal for his client – taking into account the fact that his client had already spent nine months in pre-trial detention.

The sister's defender joins the previous speaker and also demands acquittal. There was no appointment, the sister spontaneously went along when her brother pretended to go shopping and then meet up with someone else. With that, the floor goes to the judge, who gives the defendants last words in their defense. "We had never done anything", affirms the sister of the husband and wrestles the hand.

After a two-hour break for deliberation, the verdict is announced: the two siblings are found guilty of conspiracy to commit murder, he gets five years imprisonment, she four. The judge says it is anmabend not to speak of a divorce war in this case. "We must assume that the sister of the accused saw the ex-wife as the main culprit in the marital problem. The seriousness of the situation can be seen in the fact that "killer mohamed" is a victim of violence told the siblings he hoped they were serious. To which the defendant replied: "otherwise we wouldn't be sitting here."

Once five years, once four
The accused had thus set in motion a chain of deeds over which he no longer had any control. In a contract killing, there is always treachery involved and, in the case of the husband, greed as well. Both siblings were fully culpable and that's why he got five years in prison because he was the main offender and the sister four years because the three year minimum sentence in her case was too little because she didn't even show remorse.

The sister starts to cry, first tries to suppress it. But while the judge sums up the events, she puts her head down on the table and lets her tears run free. The husband remains very calm during the whole session, almost staring at the judge who reads him his sentence. As everyone leaves the meeting room, the brothers and sisters hold each other in their arms, knowing that they won't be able to do this again in the near future. She cries hard, he looks to the ground. The spectators go out quietly and leave an empty space.


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