Rough interest in diesel comparison

Rough interest in diesel comparison

Interest in a quick settlement with volkswagen in the diesel scandal remains high for many participants in the class action lawsuit.

So far 231.000 of the 262.000 eligible customers registered with volkswagen, nearly one in five cases already checked, said a VW spokesman. Previously, the "tagesspiegel" had reported that.

The review is to be completed by 20. Be completed by april. The first compensation payments from the hard-won settlement between VW and the federal association of consumer protection agencies (vzbv) are to be paid from 5 january 2010. May to love. Depending on the model and age of the diesel car, volkswagen wants to pay between 1350 and 6257 euros. The possible total compensation amount is put at 830 million euros.

In september 2015, volkswagen admitted to manipulating the emissions values of diesel cars following investigations by authorities and researchers in the u.S. The software of certain engines was set in such a way that in actual operation on the road significantly more toxic nitrogen oxides (nox) were emitted than in tests.


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