Extraenergie gmbh – extra cheap, extra safe, extra green what exactly is extraenergie??

The extraenergie gmbh group with its philosophy of success: "extra cheap, extra safe, extra green" also offers various extragas – climate – tariffs, which offer us, as end consumers, the opportunity to support various climate protection projects in a favorable way. These are mainly projects to reduce methane gas emissions into the atmosphere. It is precisely the commitment to supporting such projects that shows that this is not just about selling eco-electricity, but also about thinking and acting in an eco-friendly way. By supporting the projects, they also help to positively influence climate change.
Furthermore, extraenergie is also focusing on intensifying competition between the energy companies. Here, company structures are optimized, money is saved, and then gladly passed on to the customer. The price-performance ratio is still roughly written here. That is why the euro magazine, check 24 and currently the focus money in issue 13 / 2013 have awarded extraenergie gmbh as the most favorable electricity supplier, as well as okostromanbieter. Thus, extraenergie gmbh gives the consumer a good feeling to help the environment and to be able to contribute to it. Due to the price-performance ratio, the customer also feels well advised and safe.

How do the tariffs look extraenergie gmbh?
First of all, the entrepreneur distinguishes between commercial customers and private customers. To do this, you can use the price calculator under the link provided on the homepage to calculate your exact costs. Under the tab business or. Private customers can also find the price calculator, which can calculate the exact price for them. This is very easy to use and is also explained step by step on the website. You only have to click on whether you are a commercial customer or a private customer and enter either the number of persons or the annual consumption in kwh in the box below. By clicking on the button "calculate now you have taken the last step.

Tariffs for commercial customers!
As a commercial customer, you now have the option of choosing between two different electricity tariffs. Here the extrastrom business pur and the extrastrom business plus were to be named. Both have a fixed price and a minimum contract term of 12 months. The payment method is monthly. With the extrastrom business PLUS variant there is an additional bonus of 25%.

Also with the gas offers the commercial customer receives two possibilities. Here you can choose between extragas business pur and extragas business PLUS. The conditions are the same as for the electricity tariffs, where the extragas business PLUS also offers a bonus of 25%.

Tariffs for the private customer!
Extrastrom offers a wide range of tariffs and durations. Here you decide whether you want a 24 month contract period with an equally long price fixation or whether you prefer to limit the whole thing to 12 months and thus forego your price fixation. In addition, there are some bonus actions and loyalty bonus. The payment method is always monthly. Each package contains 100% okostrom. This is a service offered by the tuv nord umweltschutz gmbh& co. KG tested okostrom product.
The extragas tariffs are just as flexible for the customer, so that they can easily access the tariff tailored to their personal needs. Okostrom was named as the cheapest alternative to the respective basic supplier in 146 out of 150 cases tested.

How does the switch to extraenergie gmbh work??
Here too, you only need to follow the instructions on the website. You only need to submit the application to extraenergie and you don't have to worry about anything else. The energy supplier takes over the customer's registration with their previous supplier and reregisters their electricity in accordance with the new contract they have concluded. You only need to wait until extraenergie has initiated everything and you will receive your 100% renewable energy directly from your new energy supplier into your house.

Invoice declaration and partial invoice of extraenergie gmbh!
The customer pays the determined monthly. This, however, he pays only 11 months. The twelfth month is used for the budget billing. Your annual consumption will be divided by 11 billing periods to determine the monthly amount you will have to pay. In the twelfth month, the meters are read and it is calculated how much kwh was actually consumed. If you have paid too much, a refund will be made. In case of excess consumption, however, there will be a final bill. In both cases, you will be informed of the monthly amount for the coming year, based on the actual annual consumption. The invoices are clearly arranged. You can see how much kwh you have consumed. Electricity and gas are shown here naturally also separately. The total amount of all deductions made is now deducted from the total amount determined. Should there be a minus amount at the end, this is the amount to be refunded. However, one plus amount was underestimated and a subsequent payment would be the case here. The invoice is provided with your personal customer number, which you must quote if you have any questions.

Contact extraenergie gmbh
Please keep your customer number aside, as you will need to provide it in any case.

On the one hand you can contact the energy supplier by mail and also by telephone. The address and phone number, as well as e-mail address can be found on the website in the navigation via service center and contact. Here, too, you can choose between commercial and private customers. In the fields below the mails you can now easily call up the corresponding information.

Furthermore, there is the possibility of contacting us directly via the website. As soon as you have called up the contact, some dialog boxes will appear in which you can enter your name, address and order number. In the lower area it is now up to you to describe your concern and then send the mail.

Use the communication channel that suits you best. All requests, suggestions and concerns will be dealt with as quickly as possible.

Furthermore, the extraenergie gmbh offers a personal access to your personal data. In the navigation bar under my extra you will find the customer login to your personal area. Here you can look into your contracts, invoices etc. View at any time.

The extraenergie gmbh offers a balanced variety of contracts, so that everyone will find the right solution among them. In addition, they offer 100% eco-electricity, which gives the customer the feeling of actively doing something good for the environment. The cost effective alternative to nuclear energy is here! The use of renewable energies supports the shutdown of nuclear power plants throughout the federal republic of germany. Here the customer is still roughly written. Focus money also named the energy supplier as the cheapest electricity supplier in issue 3/13. Also in comparison with the usual electricity suppliers extraenergie gmbh can assert itself as the most favorable product. The price-performance ratio is coherent with this provider. Let us convince you of the advantages and test with the help of the calculator how much you can save.

The extraenergie gmbh – extra cheap, extra safe, extra green.

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