Construction site serves as art gallery

Construction site serves as art gallery

In wide patches, various coats of paint flake off the walls. How often might paint have been applied to the former patient rooms at jagersburg castle?? The crumbling paint reminds michaela schwarzmann of the bark of trees, of plane trees. "This will be my "tree room, she recognized it immediately and convinced the landlord stephan graf bentzel, himself a painter, to use the castle rooms for an exhibition in the middle of the reconstruction.
Her opinion was shared by four other fellow artists: wolfgang schmidt from poppendorf, milada weber from wimmelbach, ferdinand bagusat from munich and hermine gold. The ceramicist was inspired by schwarzmann's idea and chose a room from which the partition wall had just been broken out as the site for an installation. To the left and right of the fracture, she arranged small ceramic panels; under the open table ledge, she hung a series of paintings about chairs and tables. They have one thing in common with the wall: all are somehow damaged. The past, irretrievable condition of the rooms it has included entirely.

Window paintings

"Both of us were attracted by the unfinished, the jerky transformation into the old castle rooms with their baroque stucco ceilings." So schwarzmann on the one hand hung paintings in the well-preserved staircase with the dark, carved gelander. On the other hand, she used existing objects, i.E. Sockets and cable connections, in her tree room, and shaped the form into new graphic leaves.
"I have traced the plaster fractures with a pencil. The tree was already visible." Next to it two scroll paintings found place in the window reveals. With the backside into the room. Because the fine shades of color were created depending on how strongly the ink printed through the paper. With the cross motif on the pillar, the tree silhouettes can be interpreted as a triptych.


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