Weibenbrunn must tread short

The municipal council weibenbrunn adopted in its meeting on wednesday in the town hall unanimously the budget for 2020 with the adoption of a budget statute and approved, also with a unanimous vote, the financial plan for the years 2019 to 2023. There were much more turbulent budget meetings in the past, which is why this one can probably already be called harmonious. The municipality had to make some cuts in investments in order to receive a stabilization aid of 500000 euros (a special form of allocation to municipalities that have undergone budget consolidation) from the state for the year 2020, as in 2019.

The ministry of finance insists on strict compliance with the requirements of the stabilization notice for 2019, informed mayor egon herrmann (SPD). Only christian hofner () and klaus hannweber () followed up in the past and reiterated that their fears had been realized. The government is tightening its belt and imposing stricter conditions for compliance in order to be able to continue to obtain stabilization aid. According to hofner and hannweber, the municipality had probably overshot the mark beforehand, which is why it had to operate with an unapproved budget in 2018. This year's budget was in line with reality and both hofner and hannweber had nothing to say about the 2020 budget.

Mayor egon herrmann was surprised by the criticism, saying that many investments had been made and carried out with the unanimous approval of the board. He appealed to the cohesion, because every local councilor should do his best for the good of the burghers.

Gunther obwald (SPD) also agreed wholeheartedly. "We have not built airlocks and have always reached consensual decisions when it came to important investments."

In his comments on the 2020 budget, the head of the community explained that some of the planned cuts would have to be dispensed with under the maxim of wanting to receive stabilization aid again. He was particularly hurt by the removal of the replacement building of a fire station for the fire department thonberg.

But herrmann saw the problem not in the borrowing in the 2020 budget, but in the financial planning for 2021/2022. That's why the administration tried to present a solution to the municipal policy goals and requirements that would satisfy all desires, wishes and expectations. To this end, the head of the town hall described his efforts to both the district office and the government of upper franconia in bayreuth. And also to munich in the state government led the way to achieve also for 2019 a stabilization aid in the amount of 500 000 euros.

300,000 for debt repayment

The government makes it a requirement to use 300,000 euros for debt repayment and 200,000 euros is considered investment aid. The state government insisted on the requirement of "no net new debt, which means that a number of projects will have to be put on hold. Among other things, the construction of a new fire station in thonberg and the expansion of broadband must be postponed for two to three years.

The commander of the thonberg fire department, manfred sunkel, who is also an SPD councillor, had discussed the issue with the fire department, which he said had shown understanding in view of the difficult situation.

On the other hand, the planning of the redesign of the "paradise" with redevelopment of the former town hall due to the demand by the northeast bavaria offensive continued. For 2020, planning and construction costs of 580,000 euros are estimated.

The body unanimously decided that from the budget statute 2020 the ratio of borrowing to ordinary amortization within the master budget will be below 100 percent. In the determination of the ratio, the credits for the water supply and the sewage disposal are not taken into account. The budget was unanimously approved with an administrative budget of 6,684,350 euros and a property budget of 2,935,010 euros. The borrowing for investments and investment receivables was set at 200,000 euros. The debt will increase by about 1.4 million euros in 2020, from 4,073,444 euros to 5,488,294 euros.

Klaus volk was appointed data protection officer of the municipality by the district office of kronach. Managing director markus wagner informed about an offer of the company ludwig for equipment of the fire departments in weibenbrunn, the need of which was discussed with the fire departments. The council passed a unanimous resolution on the purchase of 14,060 euros with an order placed with the company ludwig, bayreuth.

Alexander bauer (CSU) suggested that at least minor repairs be made to the fire station in eichenbuhl, which has considerable deficiencies that are known in the community and were inspected by the mayor himself. The fire department eichenbuhl declared itself ready to do its own work if the material is provided by the municipality. He also pointed to the maintenance of children's playgrounds, as well as minor mprovements to the community development concept, which he believes should be carried out. When asked about an interim status of the village renewal of hummendorf, the mayor replied that a meeting would be held at the end of April.


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