A new old fountain for iphofen

The newly discovered fountain on ludwigsbrucke continues to occupy iphof’s city councillors. Once again the meeting on monday was about how the fountain should be developed.
During the construction work for the bridge renovation, workers had stumbled onto an old well shaft. After the city council decided that the shaft should not simply be filled in again, the city commissioned the responsible architectural office to develop well variants.

Covering the fountain on ludwigsbrucke with special glass cost 38,000 euros. The city council shuddered as they hoarded the. The glass costs so much because it must be able to withstand the impact of a truck and because a structural engineer must make calculations before installation. The building committee didn’t like the variant with a grate to protect the glass plate very much either. It cost 26,000 euros. The cost of a historical fountain with trough and swivel is estimated at 1000 euros less.
A lively discussion ensued. Ludwig weigand (G) warned against closing the access road to the residents. "Please come to an agreement so quickly that the construction site can be cleared again in the spring", asked mayor josef mend (G) after a while. So the committee decided on the variant with the historic fountain. Otto kolesch voted against it. His reasoning: "i’m pretty sure that after a short time there were geranium boxes hanging from it and a sign saying: no drinking water." He did not want something like that.

Study: fish stocks could recover quickly if spared

This is the conclusion reached by a team led by philipp neubauer of rutgers university (new jersey), which used various data sets in its model calculations. The majority of the 153 fish species and invertebrates studied can tolerate moderate overfishing and can recover within ten years if the stock in question has not yet completely collapsed and the pressure from fishing is quickly and significantly reduced.

For many overfished stocks, however, protective measures have come too late, and the ongoing fishery has caused them to collapse, neubauer and colleagues write in the journal science. If already severely depleted stands continue to be overfished, recovery is doubtful.

What the union and spds have agreed on so far

What the union and spds have agreed on so far

Pension I: by 2025, the pension level, i.E. The ratio of pensions to wages, should not fall below 48 percent, and the contribution rate should not rise above 20 percent. This is what the groko partners want to fix in law. A pension commission is to be set up for the time thereafter. Mothers who gave birth to three or more children before 1992 will also have the third year of child-rearing credited to their pensions.

Pension II: those who have worked for decades, raised children and cared for relatives should receive a basic pension ten percent above the basic security level after 35 years of contributions. Self-employed to be obliged to provide for old age. Anyone who receives a reduced earning capacity pension early due to illness is to be treated in the same way under pension law as if they had worked up to the current retirement age.

Newspaper: daimler ventures car co-production with nissan

newspaper: daimler ventures car co-production with nissan

This was reported by the "financial times deutschland" on thursday with reference to "high-ranking company insiders". It would be the first time that daimler opens a car model with the star for co-production. The inventor of the automobile has so far only been working with partners in certain areas. For a long time, the swabians have been worried about their weak return on investment despite good sales figures.

According to the paper, smaller mercedes models and cars from nissan’s premium subsidiary infiniti could roll off the production line together as early as 2016. The talk is of a smaller landing vehicle. Daimler did not comment on the information provided by the newspaper. A spokeswoman said on thursday: "we do not comment on speculation of this kind."

Deutsche bank restructures: ritchie leaves, sewing takes over

Deutsche bank restructures: ritchie leaves, sewing takes over

Deutsche bank restructures the management of its investment bank, which has been flagging recently. Group CEO christian sewing will take over responsibility for the corporate and investment bank on the executive board.

This was announced by the dax group in the midst of deliberations on a fundamental restructuring of the institution on friday in frankfurt.

The 8. November will not be a holiday – how the free state justifies its refusal

The 8. November will not be a holiday - how the free state justifies its refusal

A nationwide holiday to mark the 100th anniversary. Foundation day of the state of bavaria? The bavarian SPD would have liked to have – but that's not going to happen now. The state government has rejected the request.

Thursday, 8. November 2018, will probably remain a normal working day in bavaria. The state government has rejected a demand by the SPD in the bavarian state parliament to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the state. To make the foundation day of the free state a holiday in the coming year, strictly rejected. "Bavaria already has the most public holidays compared to other countries", a letter from the ministry of education to SPD parliamentary group leader markus rinderspacher, obtained by dpa in munich, reads as follows.

Snowed in or slept in after all?

A long-winded review of the city's history, a city manager who claimed his right to exist and little that was new in the city's development frustrated many participants at the central castle meeting for lichtenfels on wednesday in the city castle. It was astonishing that for the first time it was not the head of the city who answered his citizens' questions, but bernhard christoph, the third member of the troika at the helm of the german basket city.

A long look back
His review of the city's affairs was not exactly stunning, focusing more on the achievements of the city council and administration than on pressing problems such as vacant buildings in the city center or population decline. Instead, the third mayor mentioned every sewer pipe laid, every event held and every number in the city's budget.
After a good two hours, it was done: the burgher had his say. And anyone who thought that the people's voice had been lulled into silence saw that they had been exchanged: the citizens gave vent to their displeasure and pressed the city's representatives with questions that also left question marks.
The former corbstadt queen christina seelmann complained that the stalls at the christmas market are not open until 13. December open. She was happy to stroll through the festively lit lichtenfels earlier. Tourism manager harald fischer informed that only a few days are lucrative for the traders. But the stands had to be set up in time. Christina seelmann replied that hobby artists or associations could be given the opportunity to present themselves there. A comment from the ranks of visitors: "in lichtenfels the market is boarded up with boards."
Werner herbst from oberwallenstadt said he was waiting for a faster internet. Gunther lorenz, head of the building administration, admitted that not all parts of the city had benefited from broadband cabling and that transmission rates of less than 1,000 kilobytes per second were possible. He also mentioned that there is no concrete solution in sight for buch am forst at the moment. He was sure that in the future all parts of the city would have a fast data network.

Laptops, word and skype: mr. Wendling wants to know it all

Laptops, word and skype: mr. wendling wants to know it all

Most of them have their glasses pushed far forward and cast their gaze into the rectangular box in front of them. These looks are quite different – from curious to concentrated to uncomprehending. Only a few people can follow the explanations of speaker ingrid hoffrichter right away. But that does not matter. "If we can't do something right away, we'll do it again, says gerhard wendling, a participant.

He never really wanted to buy a laptop computer. But then he was supposed to become treasurer for a club with 300 members. "The forerunner still did everything by hand, but that's actually too convenient with the coarse", says wendling. So a computer was needed.

Neustadt inns have competition from all sides

Neustadt inns have competition from all sides

Coburger tor, jagersruh, leuchtturm or goldene au. This list could be continued even further. There are inns and taverns that have ceased to operate in neustadt in recent years and months. But: "to speak of a massive decline in gastronomy is wrong. In some regions, including ours, the traditional pub and its cultural aspect are disappearing, but the bare figures say otherwise", says at least martin stingl (SPD), third mayor of neustadt and responsible for culture, sports and tourism.

The closure of a number of large and well-known businesses in his city are facts that even stingl and his colleague sandra franz from the economic demand do not deny. "Inns, such as the coburger tor or the jagersruh, are naturally present in the townscape. The closure of such localities attracts people's attention, but also creates a distorted image", says stingl.