Solidarity with syria’s opposition: germany pledges help

solidarity with syria's opposition: germany pledges help

In a concluding statement, they urged the syrian opposition to stick to their coalition. They called on the alliance not to exclude anyone in syrian society.

Federal minister guido westerwelle said on the fringes of the meeting, referring to the previously deeply divided opponents of the regime: "we must now succeed in strengthening this cohesion and developing it into an alternative to the regime in the eyes of all syrians, in order to make a new political start possible."This will accelerate the erosion of the regime of president baschar al-assad in syria.

The german chief diplomat assured that the federal government will continue to support sanctions against the syrian government and provide humanitarian aid to refugees and other victims of the bloody conflict. The international community called on westerwelle to do more to support the syrian opposition. He called for an early meeting of the international syria "friends group," which includes dozens of countries and international organizations.

In cairo, the FDP politician also met with the chairman of the "national coalition," ahmed muas al-chatib, and invited him to visit berlin in the near future. He said of the moderate preacher: "above all, I like the clear commitment to plurality."In this phase, it is crucial that the opposition commits itself to democracy, the rule of law, but above all to pluralism, including religious tolerance.

Westerwelle did not want to take part in "speculations" about arms deliveries to the syrian opposition. He referred to the current arms embargo and emphasized: "we will only be successful if a political solution is wanted and demanded by all parties involved."

Previously, the arab league and the gulf states had recognized the "national coalition of syrian revolutionary and opposition forces" as the legitimate representative of the country. This platform was formed by representatives of the various syrian opposition currents after a week-long marathon of negotiations in qatar.

Despite the ongoing bloodshed, the syrian rebels have set conditions in the event of foreign military intervention. Such an operation would have to be coordinated with the insurgents, otherwise foreign soldiers would be treated as enemies like the assad troops, bassam al-dade, political adviser to the free syrian army (FSA), told the turkish news agency anadolu. He was responding to remarks by sir david richards, commander of the british armed forces, who had not entirely ruled out intervention on humanitarian grounds.

In syria, fighting continued with undiminished ferocity throughout the country. There was also renewed fighting between government troops and rebels on the border with turkey. The day before, there had also been at least three injuries on the turkish side. Ankara then lodged a strong protest in damascus and ordered fighter jets to secure the border.


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