Too late recall info: bmw must pay us fine

Too late recall info: bmw must pay us fine

According to a release from the NHTSA, the case involves recalls from 2010 that were not made in a timely manner as required by law. It is crucial for traffic safety that errors and calls are reported in good time, the authorities stressed. "NHTSA expects all manufacturers to address safety issues quickly and straightforwardly."

BMW and its US subsidiary have agreed to the decision of the US authorities. "We are aware that things did not go optimally and have now optimized our processes so that we can meet the authorities’ requirements in the future," a BMW spokesman said saturday in munich. The internal processes have been changed so that recalls are communicated to consumers and the government more efficiently and within the required five-day period. "In 2011 we have already done everything right there."The punishment hit the company hard and will be taken very seriously.

In the USA, car manufacturers are obliged to inform the authorities within five working days of discovering a safety problem and then immediately launch a recall action. An investigation of 16 jerk calls in 2010 found that BMW failed to do so in a number of instances, according to the NHTSA. According to the BMW spokesman, this was mainly about motorcycles.


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