Musikverein kasendorf invites you to the autumn concert

Musikverein kasendorf invites you to the autumn concert

As far as tradition. The evening's musical offerings are, of course, not conventional. The youth wind orchestra gives a foretaste of the style that will dominate the concert: symphonic wind music. It appeals not only to fans of traditional brass music who expect polka and marches. It opens up a whole new sound experience to a young and young-at-heart audience that would otherwise not have been able to be persuaded to attend a brass band concert.

And so the lineup of the kasendorf symphonic wind orchestra, which includes more than 60 musicians from all generations playing a wide variety of instruments, goes far beyond that of a brass band. More than 40 instruments are used in the percussion section alone: kettledrums, congas, bongos, marimbas and tubular bells underpin and carry the brass sounds. And electric guitar and bass provide the right rock sound.

Low-cost airline ryanair approaches pilots after strike threat

low-cost airline ryanair approaches pilots after strike threat

Europe-wide strikes in air traffic around christmas become less likely after the irish low-cost airline rynair has offered to talk to pilots’ unions. The german cockpit union (VC) now wants to negotiate with the company about working conditions.

At the same time, however, the association warned ryanair against taking only symbolic steps. "As soon as we have agreed on short-term negotiation dates for the demanded collective agreements, we will refrain from the planned strike action," union chief ilja schultz said, according to the news agency. Pilots in several european countries had previously threatened walkouts – ryanair then approached the unions.

Peace prize for aleida and jan assmann

peace prize for aleida and jan assmann

Jan assmann begins at the podium with the first passage of the acceptance speech, his wife aleida then takes over quite naturally a few minutes later. Rarely are private and professional matters so closely intertwined in a couple as they are in the case of the two cultural scientists.

They also demonstrated this impressively at the presentation of the prestigious peace prize of the german book trade on sunday in the paulskirche in frankfurt.

Expansion of the autobahn delayed

expansion of the autobahn delayed

The expansion of the highway near geiselwind will not take until october as planned, but probably until the end of 2018. Shortly, mayor ernst nickel announced at the meeting of the municipal council that the parties involved had reached an agreement. The road surface still had to be paved and the armouring had to be completed. Nickel’s information also shows that there is still work to be done on the bridgeheads and exits.

"But the roughest dirt is gone," said the mayor. At least that’s the case for geiselwind, because after that it continues on the section between the interchanges furth-erlangen and biebelried. According to information from the autobahn directorate, 200 hectares of land alone had to be cleared along the 71-kilometer stretch, especially at the embankments. In addition, 35 hectares of forest were permanently removed, it says in the submission. The budget for expansion in northern bavaria has now been increased from 296 million euros to 539 million euros.

Fewer postcards on the way – but a “loyal fan community

Fewer postcards on the way - but a

The number of postcards sent in germany fell again last year. According to the german postal service, a total of 155 million postcards were sent to, from and within germany in 2018 – that's around five percent fewer than in the previous year.

"In times of online messenger services, where people can send good quality pictures quickly, the number of postcards is declining from year to year," post spokesman dirk klasen told dpa.

Songs of jesus and mary

On the one hand entertaining, on the other hand also deep and cryptic, it happened in the gobweinsteiner scheffel-gasthof. 20 guests came to experience the forchheim dialect poet reinhold schmitt with his accordion. The evening was organized by the gobweinsteiner pilgrimage museum and the volkshochschule of the district of forchheim.
For his songs, schmitt reaches right into the heart of life and what is casually called everyday life. At the same time, schmitt's texts are full of biblical references. Sometimes it seems as if adam and eva or the holy family live right next door – under the inconspicuous names of muller, meier or schmitt.

Spectators join in
Reinhold Schmitt doesn't shy away from serious topics either.
Whether it's a death sentence or the difficult fate of a refugee child that leads to tears. But schmitt has the ability to present the painful in an optimistic, humorous way. "I wanted to make people laugh and help them with this. Life is often serious enough, says the former german teacher and author of popular dialect publications. Among the books he has written, for example, are "selicha zeidn and "nto the basement.

Eltmann hosts last-place team tsv muhldorf

Eltmann hosts last-place team tsv muhldorf

Eltmann/muhldorf – after the two well-deserved victories in the new year, the VC eschenbacher eltmann seems to be doing well and the team seems to be getting better and better. Last saturday's 3-0 win in nittenau was a victory that was never in any danger and gives reason to hope that the team will continue to perform at a high level in the future.

At this point in time, TSV muhldorf, the team at the bottom of the table, comes just in time to further confirm the rising form curve. In the first leg, they beat the upper bavarians 3:1, were two sets in front, but then failed to continue to play their own game with pressure.

A very close race in chirn

With 51.45 percent of the vote, tschirn’s long-serving mayor, peter klinger (CSU), won out over his rival, klaus daum (alternative fur tschirn), who lost by a narrow margin of 48.55 percent.

Only eleven votes separated klinger from his opponent’s result. This also confirms his own assessments, which he had formed over the past few days. Klinger, who is thus running for his fourth term, admits: "I was already trembling a bit. It is precisely the well-organized election campaign of the opposing party that has given me food for thought in recent weeks. What was achieved on the eve of the election was remarkable. So naturally, I was a little tense throughout the election day. Of course, I am even more pleased that I can continue to be active as mayor", says peter klinger.

Local women in the spotlight

Local women in the spotlight

Small red balloons in the shape of hearts pointed the way to the kleinkunstbrettla in untersteinach. There, michael krug from ludwigschorgast and diana miskolci from himmelkron organized a benefit event for the "heart pillow campaign" in favor of cancer patients at the kulmbach clinical center from. The evening was intended on the one hand as a thank-you for the now 15 local women who make heart-shaped cushions for cancer patients as a comfort and to hold on to during a difficult phase of their lives, and on the other hand to collect donations for the material. The hall, which KKB had made available free of charge, was full.

Psychological support

Diana miskolci and sandra krug explained why heart pillows and what they mean to patients in a casual conversation with host joffrey streit. Each of the two women had received such a heart-shaped cushion after the cancer diagnosis or after the operation, which served them as psychological support and is still used today "in weak days" helps.

Weibenbrunn must tread short

The municipal council weibenbrunn adopted in its meeting on wednesday in the town hall unanimously the budget for 2020 with the adoption of a budget statute and approved, also with a unanimous vote, the financial plan for the years 2019 to 2023. There were much more turbulent budget meetings in the past, which is why this one can probably already be called harmonious. The municipality had to make some cuts in investments in order to receive a stabilization aid of 500000 euros (a special form of allocation to municipalities that have undergone budget consolidation) from the state for the year 2020, as in 2019.

The ministry of finance insists on strict compliance with the requirements of the stabilization notice for 2019, informed mayor egon herrmann (SPD). Only christian hofner () and klaus hannweber () followed up in the past and reiterated that their fears had been realized. The government is tightening its belt and imposing stricter conditions for compliance in order to be able to continue to obtain stabilization aid. According to hofner and hannweber, the municipality had probably overshot the mark beforehand, which is why it had to operate with an unapproved budget in 2018. This year's budget was in line with reality and both hofner and hannweber had nothing to say about the 2020 budget.